I Once Got Attacked By A Penguin

I once got attacked by a penguin,

Because I stole his fish.

You see, I was by the seaside

so Fish and Chips was my wish.

He wasn’t very amused,

In fact, quite the opposite.

He asked for it back, I refused

So he attacked with all his mite.

He flapped his wings, swung for a punch!

All I wanted was a quiet lunch.

He snapped his beak and let out a shriek

Now they’ll be a ringing in my ear all week

I dropped my fish, my mistake

He flicked round his head

it was his now fish to take

Then as quick as light, he fled

I turned back round to the guy in the chip shop

With a sigh, he put another fish in

We had no idea how to continue conversation - didn’t know how to begin

So I started with “I just got attacked by a penguin!”

Pebbled Beach

Fresh air, pebbled beach,

tranquil and still by the shore.

Far from trouble, out of reach.

Sitting still on the pebbled beach.

A gentle breeze touches my skin,

caressing and freeing every pore.

I can finally let go of every emotion,

with the crashing and swaying of the ocean.

As the sunset fades on the pebbled beach,

I imagine everything I adore

Which is everything you stand for, everything you preach

I hear your voice, your breath, your heart, your speech.

The wind carries your calming tone felt from within.

It pures my soul, though I'm still trapped by your allure.

Although you're not here, you're out of reach.

I still hear your whispers, on the pebbled beach.

52 Hours

52 Hours, the world fades to black

Everything faded, the world looks too black

Like the night sky, without a moon - I hope my life returns soon

Cause if not, I don’t even know what I’ll do


Twenty One Pilots playing on the Car Radio

Whilst I’m speeding down the highway,

Stressed out, so unsociable.

I’m good, I’m fine. I Don’t wanna talk about it,

But adding to the pressure Isn’t gonna help to solve it.


I need you more, I put your song on the stereo

Because even though you won’t hear it, At least I know

The times I’m Stressed Out, You didn’t really care

The times you messed up. Well; you wasn’t really there


Funnily, I’ll be a millionaire one day. 

Drowning in money, everyday feeling like a Saturday

Yet I’d still be drunk on Merlot and Sauvignon

Because A figure to me, high or low - Thats not whats on.


I won’t judge my life by a number in an account.

If you stress about the same, You won’t make that same amount!

52 Hours drunk worrying about this life

Even with the beauty and the pain - Rather cut this with a knife

Centre Stage

Your stage is set.

Let them take their seat.

They’ll be surprised at the person,

they’re about to meet.


From the people you’ve met,

and the friends you’ve known.

They’re the people who’ve helped you.

And That’s how you’ve grown.


Everyone has a story, they want to share.

But we’ll only hear the stories, from the ones who dare.

So Create! Do what you love and prepare.

More people than you think, will truly care.


You’ve been guided by your passion.

And your hard work will pay off.

You are the new fashion!

Show them what you’re made of.


So express yourself, your stage is set.

This is the result of that hard work and sweat.

Laugh, Cry and cheer! Because you’re in centre stage.

You have the power to make the whole world change.

I won the lottery

Today I won the lottery, this is very great!
Finally! I can achieve my fate.
Tracks of my life are now stright
and I can come to terms with the things I hate.

I feel on top of the world, I'm a millionaire!
I can now take care, and make time to stop and stare!
Sometimes life can be really unfair. But finally - for once;
I can start breathing fresh air.

Today I won the lottery, I can now look ahead at life.
Maybe even making that perfect girl, my wife!
Then we'll settle down in a perfect home.
With our kids by our side, We'll build them a new Rome.

From today, I'm completly care free!
Although I'm tired, and still a busy bee.
You've changed my life, and honestly for the better.
From today, I'm finally ready to start a new chapter.

Today I won the lottery, this is very great!
Today I won the lottery, because I found my soulmate!

Dressed In Green

On one dark night, After switching the light,
I saw a thing, that gave me a fright!
It was jumping up and down, and skipping around
"Oh what a curious thing I've just found!"

Dressed completly in green, it seemed quite keen
to make a mess! Really? I'm not inpressed?
Smash went the table!
Bash went the stool!
Crash went the photo hanging on the wall!

He went to the hall to see what else he could bash!
Splash went the water from the vase onto the wall.
Thrash went the trash onto the floor in the hall.
I had enough of the noise, I began to Call:

You there! Green thing! Whats your name?
Why are you here? Is it Shame? Is it a game?
It didn't reply, but finally it stopped.
He had a glass in his hand, that he now dropped.

I ran at him, grabbing his wrist.
Ready to hit, clentching my fist.
But my hand slipped through, He was gone in a flash
At least there was no more smash, bash, crash.

I called my friend, his voice was very delightful
I spoke of the green man, how it was very frightful.
He stopped me from talking and ran downstairs.
He said he thought he heard the crashing of chairs.

After a minute or two, he returned shocked!
He saw the thing to, saying yet all the doors are locked!
After we both calmed down, I ask what he's seen.
He said he had seen a lean man in Green.