Dressed In Green

On one dark night, After switching the light,
I saw a thing, that gave me a fright!
It was jumping up and down, and skipping around
"Oh what a curious thing I've just found!"

Dressed completly in green, it seemed quite keen
to make a mess! Really? I'm not inpressed?
Smash went the table!
Bash went the stool!
Crash went the photo hanging on the wall!

He went to the hall to see what else he could bash!
Splash went the water from the vase onto the wall.
Thrash went the trash onto the floor in the hall.
I had enough of the noise, I began to Call:

You there! Green thing! Whats your name?
Why are you here? Is it Shame? Is it a game?
It didn't reply, but finally it stopped.
He had a glass in his hand, that he now dropped.

I ran at him, grabbing his wrist.
Ready to hit, clentching my fist.
But my hand slipped through, He was gone in a flash
At least there was no more smash, bash, crash.

I called my friend, his voice was very delightful
I spoke of the green man, how it was very frightful.
He stopped me from talking and ran downstairs.
He said he thought he heard the crashing of chairs.

After a minute or two, he returned shocked!
He saw the thing to, saying yet all the doors are locked!
After we both calmed down, I ask what he's seen.
He said he had seen a lean man in Green.