Centre Stage

Your stage is set.

Let them take their seat.

They’ll be surprised at the person,

they’re about to meet.


From the people you’ve met,

and the friends you’ve known.

They’re the people who’ve helped you.

And That’s how you’ve grown.


Everyone has a story, they want to share.

But we’ll only hear the stories, from the ones who dare.

So Create! Do what you love and prepare.

More people than you think, will truly care.


You’ve been guided by your passion.

And your hard work will pay off.

You are the new fashion!

Show them what you’re made of.


So express yourself, your stage is set.

This is the result of that hard work and sweat.

Laugh, Cry and cheer! Because you’re in centre stage.

You have the power to make the whole world change.