52 Hours

52 Hours, the world fades to black

Everything faded, the world looks too black

Like the night sky, without a moon - I hope my life returns soon

Cause if not, I don’t even know what I’ll do


Twenty One Pilots playing on the Car Radio

Whilst I’m speeding down the highway,

Stressed out, so unsociable.

I’m good, I’m fine. I Don’t wanna talk about it,

But adding to the pressure Isn’t gonna help to solve it.


I need you more, I put your song on the stereo

Because even though you won’t hear it, At least I know

The times I’m Stressed Out, You didn’t really care

The times you messed up. Well; you wasn’t really there


Funnily, I’ll be a millionaire one day. 

Drowning in money, everyday feeling like a Saturday

Yet I’d still be drunk on Merlot and Sauvignon

Because A figure to me, high or low - Thats not whats on.


I won’t judge my life by a number in an account.

If you stress about the same, You won’t make that same amount!

52 Hours drunk worrying about this life

Even with the beauty and the pain - Rather cut this with a knife