I Once Got Attacked By A Penguin

I once got attacked by a penguin,

Because I stole his fish.

You see, I was by the seaside

so Fish and Chips was my wish.

He wasn’t very amused,

In fact, quite the opposite.

He asked for it back, I refused

So he attacked with all his mite.

He flapped his wings, swung for a punch!

All I wanted was a quiet lunch.

He snapped his beak and let out a shriek

Now they’ll be a ringing in my ear all week

I dropped my fish, my mistake

He flicked round his head

it was his now fish to take

Then as quick as light, he fled

I turned back round to the guy in the chip shop

With a sigh, he put another fish in

We had no idea how to continue conversation - didn’t know how to begin

So I started with “I just got attacked by a penguin!”