The Magical Nurse

By Dan Smith


Jasmine bursts through the door of the children's ward lying flat on a hospital bed. Tears rolling down her bright red face, pain extruding from every part of her body. Every bone frozen from fear of the last few hours. A folder is passed between the porter and one of the nurses who had greeted the group upon arrival at the ward. Jasmine clenches Flopsy (her grey Mini Lop Rabbit teddy) close to her chest, burying her head into the ears of the teddy. Half her face hidden by either ears or her thick, curly black hair. Her Mother and Father stay close to each side of the bed, anxiously awaiting the nurses next move.

"Hello there!" The nurse greeted Jasmine with a warming smile. "Whats your name?" Jasmine looks up at the soothing face that confronted her at the bottom of the bed.

"Jasmine." She replied after hesitation.

"Good afternoon Jasmine! My name is Fiona and I'll be looking after you. We have a special room ready for you." She places the folder at the reception desk and leads Jasmines bed forward through the corridor, surrounded by an army of strangers protecting all sides. Lights lit the never ending corridor brightly making Jasmine want to shield her eyes even more. Each door was separated with large characters stretching the height of the walls. The entourage stopped after about 10 doors, turning the bed 90 degrees and through into a small room.

The walls of the room were sunshine yellow with magical characters lining the walls, all dancing along to musical notes surrounding them. Two light wooden armchairs sat each side of a small window opposite the door, both drenched in a deep red velvet cloth. Underneath the window stood a small box laced with glitter, busting with toys and books in its interior. Fiona placed Jasmine's bed in the centre of the room before pushing the bed back towards the plug sockets on the wall between the chairs and the door.

"This is your room. You have a whole room to yourself for now." Fiona stated. "If you need anything, make sure you push this bright orange button and I'll be right back." Fiona leaves the call button by Jasmine's side and quietly steps away. Turning to Mum and Dad before leaving the room, "A Doctor will be around soon with a further diagnosis on her situation."

Jasmine turns her head from her rabbit ear shield and towards her mother who's by her side. "Mummy. I'm scared." Mother leans in for a huge hug whilst Jasmine reaches out. Kind words of support are shared by both parents followed by a harrowing silence. A few moments later a doctor walks into the room. A tall, middle-aged fellow with thick rimmed glasses and a smartly shaved beard. His attire suggestive that he's not one for the surgery side of being a doctor, and would rather have a clipboard on him at all times instead. "Avon and Leo Gould, I presume?" He announced in his soft yet constantly concerned voice. Mother and Father greets him with a nod. The doctor walks further into the room. "And this must be little Jasmine. How old are you, Jasmine?" The doctor asks. After a little hesitation plus an encouraging nudge from her Mother, she replies "Six... And a half."

"Ah!" Replies the doctor. "My name is Dr. Richmond and I'll be here to find out how we can make you all better again so you can go home. Sound good?" Jasmine nodded, once again grabbing Flopsy and holding him close. "Mr. and Mrs Gould. May we have this word outside?". The three adults leave the room, shutting the door behind them. Jasmine hugs Flopsy tighter, pulling him in closer to her chest and turning on her side towards the window. She shuts her eyes tight, trying not to let the pain get to her. Suddenly, theres a single knock at the window. Jasmine sharply opens her eyes, staring at the window. Nothing as moved. She keeps staring at the window, holding her breath. A faint purple glow lights up the very bottom of the glass from the outside; causing the room to light a subtle purple as it reflects off the window ledge. A muffled human sounding whistle is heard by Jasmine coming from the light source. The door behind Jasmine bursts open and the light promptly disappears. Her Mother and Father re-entered the room, both taking a seat in the armchairs near Jasmine. Both putting on brave faces but Jasmine could tell something was wrong. Very wrong. Once again, tears started to roll down Jasmine's face and soaking Flopsy on their decent as she spoke softly.

"Am I going to die?" Avon Bounced up from her armchair and sat on the bed, continuing to comfort her. "Of course not, sweetheart. You're safe here. We'll get through this together, don't worry, sweetheart."

Leo, on the other hand, stayed eerily silent; Lost in contemplation. It only took a few seconds of Leo to start pacing the room. Back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth...

"Leo, stop that!" Avon demanded, turning her attention away from Jasmine just for a second. Her fiery stare prompts Leo to once again be seated, hushed, on the armchair. He threw himself down upon one, crossing his arms and his legs. Avon continues to stroke Jasmines head, slowly moving her coiled hair away from her face as Jasmine's eyes get heavy.

"Mummy. I feel sleepy."

"Thats okay, Darling. Try to get some sleep."

Her eyes continue to get heavier, slowly shutting before shooting back open again with Jasmine trying to fight it. Eventually Jasmine falls into a dream, lying down peacefully.

A few hours later, Jasmine wakes up. The sky out of the window had faded into a soft nighttime. Shadowy trees waving gently underneath the bright twinkles far above. A small fox pounces out of the underbrush floors below, scouting the sun-deserted land for food. Jasmine opens her eyes to her mother quietly exiting the room.


Avon turns around and smiles. "I'll only be gone for a little while, sweetheart. Mummy just needs to make a phone call and get some coffee."

And with that, Jasmine is left alone. She gazes out of the window from the bed, lost in wonder about the twinkles in the sky. How the gentle glow of the moon spreads a blanket of tranquility across the land whilst all the creatures settle down for the night. She notices one particular twinkle in the sky keeps flashing. Like its saying 'Hello'. "What a curious thing." Jasmine thought. "Maybe just an airplane? But its not moving, and its glowing more orange than the red lights of a plane..." Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the door squeaking open.

Standing in the doorway is a very jolly young adult, appearing to be another nurse at the hospital.

"Jasmine. How are you feeling?" She asked.

Jasmine looked around at the woman. Her hair a light blonde with candy pink at the tips. Skin as pale as Ivory. Her build slender with the frame of a young adult. Jasmine nodded to answer her question.

"You seem very lost in thought, young one. What could you be so curious about, I wonder."

Jasmine looks over at the sky and speaks of the flashing star. The nurse walks over to the window and takes a look. She turns around and smiles back at Jasmine.

"That, my friend, is the star saying hello. Wishing you well. Its also saying hello to the floating gloflower outside of your window." The nurse explained. Her eyes starting to glow the same hue as the tips of her hair.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.27.58.png

"A.. A Gloflower?" Jasmine was shocked. She'd never heard anything of a gloflower before. The nurse nods with excitement and turns back towards the window. She reaches out, softly bringing in a purple a ball of light that floats just above her palm. Jasmine climbs out of bed to join the nurse whose hands are resting on the ledge just out the window.

"These are very special creatures. Curiously energetic, might I add." Continued the nurse in a gentle hushed tone as though a secret was being shared. "They only show up when magic folk worried or in need. So they're fairly common here, not so much anywhere else. Once you've made a wish, it travels North towards the northern lights to send the wish out. Here."

Jasmine reaches out of the window, holding her hands into a bowl shape next to the nurse. The Gloflower slowly drifts out of the nurses hand and into Jasmines. Light from the Gloflower softly glows on Jasmine's face as she retracts her arms from the window, holding the orb close to her chest. Her eyes close as she whispers.

"I wish my family wasn't upset and stressed because of me."

Jasmines eyes slowly opened and once more the Gloflower started to heat up. A soothing, gentle heat - as if Jasmine's hands we're under a heat lamp. The warmth continued up her arms, soothing every muscle it travels through. Jasmine places her arms back onto the window ledge, allowing the Gloflower to send her wish off.

It jolted. Buzzing a little. Then shot up into the air about 20 metres before stopping dead in its tracks. The gloflower flickers and turns around, as if its calculating the direction like the SatNav in Jasmines Dad's car. Then it suddenly shoots off as fast as light northbound. The nurse looks down at Jasmine, who's wide-eyed fascinated, smiling down whilst thinking to herself as she watches the purple orb turn to a speck, fading as it moves away. Jasmine's fascination was short-lived as her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

The nurse looked over to the other side of the room and sharply reaches her hand out. A box of tissues flies into her hand. "Tissue?" The nurse offered. Jasmine took a tissue to wipe her eyes, not noticing the existence of the tissue box. After Jasmine wiped her eyes, she turned her head.

"Wow." Her eyes widened in astonishment as she notices the tissue box continuing to float in the air. The nurse leans over the window ledge, resting her arms whilst looking up at the stars.

"Where I come from, Gloflowers are everywhere in the fields. Its where they go to rest once they've fulfilled their purpose. The whole field twinkles at night, almost like the stars. People like us are there too. I hope you get to see it one day."

Jasmine turns her attention back towards the nurse. "People like us?"

"Yeah, like you and me."

Jasmine looks out at the stars too. "Where do you come from?"

The nurse glanced over at Jasmine. "Charlinbourne." The nurse replied. "Just east of the Mystic River." Jasmine sharply looks back up to the nurse, she swore she had heard of the place before. Maybe in a book... or a dream... She thought maybe she'd never get to see it if she's still ill. Tears start to build up behind her eyes once more urging her to take another tissue and go back to bed. After a few moments lost in thought.

"Why are Mummy and Daddy so upset with me?" She asked the nurse, who had sat down on a chair by the window. The box of tissues now floating over her shoulder.

"Well..." The nurse didn't know how to start. "I guess they're just worried because you're ill. They're not upset with you personally. Hey, sometimes, adults are silly like that."

"But... you're an adult." Jasmine looking down, reclaiming Flopsy the rabbit.

The nurse continued "Well, yes, I'm a grown up. But not all grown ups are adults. Some of us are still children at heart. Besides, adults can't do this!"

The nurse looks over to a couple of books that had fallen behind the box of toys. As she nods her head backwards, a book floats up from behind the box, making its way over to Jasmine before floating gently down on top of the covers.

This particular book just happened to be Jasmine's favourite bed-time story. Her mum would be forever reading it at bedtime. Plus, looking at the night sky, it was pretty late so a story was long overdue. The front cover slowly turned open, engaging Jasmine into the first words of her favourite story. As the nurse came over to sit by at the bed side, Jasmine had already began reading the story aloud. At the end of the page, the nurse gestured for the page to turn, and so it did.

"How'd you do that?" Jasmine asked, snapping out of the book and into a state of ore once again.

"I just believed I could." replied the nurse with a smile. The nurse and Jasmine continued to read the page. At the end of the next page, The nurse encouraged Jasmine to try.

Jasmine gestured for the page to turn, just like the nurse had but it didn't move. "Believe you can do it." The nurse said. "Just tell the page to turn."

Jasmine closed her eyes. "Turn page." she thought to herself "Turn over." She reopened her eyes and took a deep breath then gestured. A brief swishing movement from right to left with two fingers extended. Just like turning a real page, only hovering above it. It didn't turn. Another deep breath was taken "Turn over. Please turn over." She gestures again, this time slower and more cautious. To her surprise, the page slowly lifts. She gestures a flick and the page followed, falling to the other side of the book and revealing the words on the next page. The book took about fifteen minutes to get through, with each magical page turn getting easier and easier to perform. By the end, Jasmine was an expert.

"I think its time to put the story away and maybe get some sleep." The nurse said as the back cover closed the book once more. Jasmine placed the book to the side and got out of bed, preparing to place the book by the window where it had first arisen.

"You know there's an easier way." The nurse said, her eyes filling with wonder; glowing with fantasy. Jasmine held the book out on the palm of her hands as the nurse starred intensely. It slowly started to lift from Jasmine's hands and float.

"Point to where you want it to go." The nurse instructed. Jasmine pointed but the book remained still, as though it was perched on an invisible table already.

"Remember, Believe." Jasmine closed her eyes "Move book. Go to your spot. Please move." Her eyes opened and the intensity of her eyes lifted. Her pupils shrank thin and her focus was solely on the book. The book slowly started to lift up in the air. Shaking a little as it stabilised itself against gravity. It started to move over the bed, and the nurses head. Jasmine started jumping and clapping at what she could do. The book fell to the ground.

"What happened?" Jasmine asked - now confused and incredibly disappointed with herself.

"You looked away." The nurse replied. "Here, like this." The nurse looked at the book as it started to lift back off the ground. She gestured, flicking the book over towards the window. The book shot over, stopping as suddenly as it started moving right over the toy box. The nurse gave a large nod at the book, making it fall down right on top of the toy box. "See. Focus and Belief. With those, you can do anything. Now, you should try to get some rest, you are ill after all."

Jasmine smiled and laid back on the bed with the covers being tucked underneath her and Flopsy perched by her head. "Sleep well" the nurse softly said. Her voice angelic, relaxing every muscle in Jasmines body into a state of bliss. She clicked her fingers and the lights faded. And with that she walked out.

As tired and relaxed as Jasmine was, she couldn't sleep. The pain started erupting in her stomach once more and all she wanted to do was take her mind off it. She sat back up and clicked her fingers. Nothing happened. It took a few attempts but, eventually the lights flooded the room with light - making Jasmine jump. She hesitated before clicking again. The lights went off. One more time. The lights filled the room once more with light.

She looked around the room for something to practice moving, noticing the tissue box was still hovering over the chair that the was nurse sat on earlier. Jasmine focused her eyes on the box and held her breath. Her hand raising up to point the box, drawing its trajectory in the air. The box shook a little just before following the gesture of Jasmine's hand. She gently moved her hand across her and pointed at the shelf at the other end of the room. The box hovered over the shelf once it had completed its journey. Jasmine gave it a nod and it fell onto the shelf, staying still.

The door opens and Avon walks in, followed by a doctor. "We'll take her to theatre in the morning and the problem will be sorted then. I'm afraid theres not much we can do until then." The doctor explained. Avon, Jasmine's Mother, nodded and the doctor dismissed himself. She sat down on one of the armchairs not recognising Jasmine was still awake.

"Mum, why Am I going to theatre?" Jasmine asked.

Avon looked up. "They're going to fix you, sweetheart. Don't worry. You'll be better before you know it."

"What if I don't get better, Mum."

There was a deep silence. Avon had no words. Her eyes started tearing up but she held it back. "Maybe we should try to get some sleep, Darling." Avon got up to turn the lights off. Jasmine smiled mischievously and starred at the light switch. Click. The lights turn off.

"Oh" Said Avon, slightly confused. She shrugged it off very quickly however. "Must be on a timer. It is fairly late after all." Avon made her way back to her seat as Jasmine's eyes closed.

The following two hours felt like a second to Jasmine, she must've fallen asleep pretty quickly. The room was very dark and quiet. Even the rooms outside were dark and still as if they were trapped in time. Jasmine looked over at her mother whose fast asleep in the armchair. Flopsy was by her side, she gave him a squeeze. "I hope I'm going to be okay." She whispered into one of the floppy ears. Her attention was redicted to the window as a soft orange light protruded from outside. Jasmine softly stood up, holding flopsy by the paw as she made her way to the window. The window was still open by about 30 centimetres from the previous time she was stood at the window.

"Gloflower?" Jasmine whispered into the cooling night air "Is that you?". A tinkling sound came from the left, light tiny wind chimes swaying in a soft summer breeze. Jasmine looked over towards the sound. A pixie around 6 inches tall was curled up at the side of the window, illuminating a warm orange glow.

"Hello there." Greeted Jasmine. The pixie looked up, her glow fading to yellow as she took a small shuffle away from Jasmine. "Its okay, I won't hurt you. You look awfully cold out there." The pixie looked up, nodding - her glow fading to a frost-bitten blue hue. "Why don't you come in. I could do with the company. I'm ill."

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.28.11.png

The pixie stood up, brushing herself down from the dust and dirt that had accumulated on the outside of the ledge. She was wearing a rainbow dress down to her knees with bright white tights and a tiny headband. Plus a tiny golden necklace with 'P' on the pendant. Her wings flapped as she moved through the window and perching herself on Jasmine's shoulder. Jasmine walked back over to the bed and sat cross-legged in the centre with Flopsy in-front of her. "Whats your name?" Jasmine asked. The pixie flew to hover in front of Jasmine, drawing a dot in floating glowing dust. She smiled.

"Dot?" Jasmine questioned, guessing the pixies name like a movie in Charades. The pixie shook her head. She pointed to herself.

"Umm... Fairy?" The pixie rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Oh! Pixie!" The pixie wiggled her toes with excitement, Jasmine was getting close. She drew an 'L' with the dust from the dot; rendering Jasmine confused.

"Uh.. El Pixie?" The pixie sank as she crossed her arms.

"I don't know" Said Jasmine. The pixie furiously points at the L.

"L?" Questioned Jasmine, being met with a facepalm from the pixie. Jasmine started thinking of what it could be. She was never good with Charades, even at the best of times. Then it Clicked!

"Pixel!" The pixie jumped back up, changing lime green and placing her thumb up. A microwave dinning sound came from the pixie as if they we're on a gameshow.

"Hi Pixel, I'm Jasmine." Pixel waved, giving off the wind chime sounds and accidentally moving the dust from the 'L' still floating in the air. The dust moved towards Jasmine making her sneeze, making Pixel having to swerve and dodge the multiple torpedoes of snot and dust extruding from Jasmines nose. Jasmine reached out for the tissue box as the box rose from the shelve and shot right into Jasmine's hands, almost hitting Pixel once more.

After Jasmine's sneezing fit came to a close, she apologised to Pixel who was perched back on her knee, very unimpressed.

"Should I be asleep? To rest for tomorrow?" Jasmine asked. Pixel nodded so Jasmine sighed. "But I keep waking up. Ugh, I really hate hospitals." She continued. Pixel started thinking. Then Eureka! She jumped up and flew onto the top of Jasmines head and shook. Multicoloured dust fluttered from her dress and into Jasmines hair, making her feel sleepy. After a few seconds, Jasmine fell backwards fast asleep still cross-legged on top of the covers just like being knocked out by anaesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.28.04.png

Pixel flew back down onto Jasmines leg, wiping her hands clean from a job well done. Her glow turned to a bright warming glow of confidence as she flicked her golden hair out and walked proudly down Jasmines leg. Suddenly there was an accidental loud thump. Pixel jumped, turning a perturbed yellow as she ducked into a crouch. Something started sniffing above her. Little did she realise that the dust Jasmine had blown back had landed on Flopsy, awakening him into an alive state. A giant rabbit towered over her sniffling huge puffs of air in and out making Pixels hair windswept. Flopsy reaches out with one of his front paws towards Pixel as she dodges and flies directly upwards, building momentum from the crouch. She hovered above Flopsy who looked up at her hovering above. She poked her tongue out at him. Although that may have been a mistake. Flopsy repeatedly jumped from the springy bed up in the air pawing at Pixel, just missing her each time. She soars across the room like an arrow, slamming into the window face first. Pixel slid down the window, scraping the glass causing a screeching on the way down, finally falling onto the window ledge. A disgruntled chime sounded as she fell, turning her glow red.

Flopsy looked over at Jasmine, hopping onto her chest whilst scratching his ear. He hopped up to her as she was sound-asleep, sniffing her to make sure she was okay. Once convinced his owner was safe, he hopped onto her shoulder curling up and resting his head for the night.

Jasmine awoke around 6:30am to her mother quietly sobbing in the armchair she'd slept in. The tissues were still on her bed from when she had to sneeze the night before. She slowly sat up, stretching out, sore from the uncomfortable sleeping position. The tissues lifted up with Jasmine's hand gesturing the movement, Swiping her fingers over to her mother who was looking down. The tissues flew through the air, landing perfectly on Avon's lap. She looks up and smiles at Jasmine.

"Thank you, darling. But remember its not nice to throw things." Avon said.

Jasmine, confused by how adults could be so oblivious to her newfound skills, replied. "Sorry, mum." Subtly rolling her eyes.

Jasmine looked around at Flopsy, confused as to how he got there, but said hello anyway and rested her head back down onto the pillow to stare at the ceiling. She was deep in thought, of wonder - processing what had gone on throughout the night. Not quite sure weather Pixel had just been a dream. Evidently the nurse wasn't a dream - she had just moved levitating tissues without touching them. In any case, Pixel, real or fake, seemed to fit in with last nights events quite well.

"And besides, surely something would've happened to Flopsy if Pixel was real because I sprayed pixie dust accidentally onto the poor thing." she continued to think. There was a sniffle in her ear. Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff sniff sniff. Jasmine tilted her head towards Flopsy who's nose was wiggling. He winked as Jasmine giggled.

"Did you sleep well, Flopsy?" Jasmine asked. Flopsy replied with a nod, followed by a sneeze. Glowing dust expelled from his nose and instantly into Jasmine's, making her sneeze also.

"Do you need the tissues back, sweetheart?" asked Jasmines mother, assuming both sneezes were from Jasmine. "I'll be okay, thank you." she replied. At that moment, the doctor who came in when Jasmine arrived, walked through the door.

"Good morning, Jasmine!" He said cheerfully. "Today, we're going to get you feeling better. How does that sound?" Jasmine stayed quiet. It was time for the operation she needed. Fear started rushing her body, making her hands shake and twitch.

"Don't worry, you'll be better before you know it." The doctor said, unlocking the wheels of the bed whilst another doctor starts to pull it away from the wall.

"We'll have to keep rabbit here though, otherwise he might get messy." The doctor continued. Jasmine quickly grabbed flopsy and held him tight.

"Maybe its best the rabbit stays on the bed." Avon suggested to the doctor while Jasmine showed no signs of letting go.

"Okay, but it'll have to stay at the bottom of the bed..."

"He's a He." Jasmine interrupted. "Flopsy is a male rabbit. a 'he'!"

The doctor was stunned for a short while, stuttering. "Well, yes. Okay, He'll be safe at the bottom of the bed." Jasmine slowly let go of Flopsy, allowing her mother to take Flopsy and place him at the bottom of the bed; facing Jasmine.

The two doctors, followed by a couple of other staff wheeled the bed out of the room. Jasmine laid back. All she could see were the lights and tiles of the ceiling - plus the occasional door frame. The walk only took a couple of minutes until she was lead into a room. A very sterol environment with a table next to her filled with different devices. Above her was a huge lamp, almost blinding her. The other doctor and the other staff walked off once the bed was locked in place, crossing paths with three nurses who entered in blue aprons, masks and hats.

"In a minute, Jasmine, you'll feel a little scratch in your arm. When you do, I want you to count back from 10 for me. Can you do that?" Asked the doctor. Jasmine hesitated before giving a slight nod of agreement. Jasmine closed her eyes and tried to calm down her breathing which was slowly getting more irregular. She sensed a figure looking over her, she opened her eyes. It was the ivory skinned, pink-eyed nurse from the evening before.

"Hey, don't be scared. Everything will be alright." The nurse said. Jasmine smiled, feeling more reassured. "Pixel is watching over you anyway, so you'll be better in no time." Jasmine felt a sharp scratch in her arm as a needle penetrated her skin.

10... 9... 8...

Jasmine awoke many hours later in her hospital room. Her eyes slowly opened, re-adjusting to the hospital lights. She had been asleep for most of the day and it was now night fall once more. Stitches held the skin on the right side of her abdomen together. The pains inside had disappeared and she felt a lot better too! "Leo, she's awake." Her mothers voice muttering from somewhere nearby. Jasmine slowly sat up in bed, her body aching as she started to move them once again, receiving huge hugs from her parents. Flopsy was also by her side; he gave a subtle smile that only Jasmine saw. Once the hugs had finished Jasmine noticed there was another bed at the other end of the room now. A smaller boy with short dark hair. "I'll go and get the doctor." Leo said, leaving the room. "We'll be back in a minute." Avon continued, following Leo out of the door. Jasmine looked at the other boy who was amusing himself with a gameboy or something. He looked up as the door closed, noticing that Jasmine was awake. "Hi" He said. "I'm Theo."

"Hi, Theo. I'm Jasmine. Its nice to meet you." Jasmine replied with a smile. "How old are you?"

"I'm four." Theo replied.

"Ah. I'm six... and a half." There was a moment of silence. "Do you want to see something cool?"

Theo smiled and nodded intently. Jasmine looks over at the light switch and clicks her fingers. The room drains into darkness. She clicks them once more. The light revealing a stunned four year old, jaw-dropped.

"Wow" he exclaimed, not being able to shut is jaw through shock. His nose starts to twitch and sniffle. Jasmine looks at the box of tissues on the window ledge, making them fly across the room to Theo. Theo grabs a tissue and sneezes into it.

"How did you do that?" He asked, shocked by both elements of magic.

"Its easy after a bit of practice." Jasmine urged. "look at the box of tissues and tell it in your head to move. Then point to where you want it to go. Give it a go!" Theo tried without success. Jasmine reassured him and encouraged him to try again. Theo looked intensely at the box, thinking very hard about the box moving. He lifted his hand and swiped the air for the box to shoot. It didn't.

"I can't do it!" Says Theo, crossing his arms and letting out a sigh. "Yes you can!" Jasmine replied. She smiles and looks out of the window. A warm glow protruding from the window ledge catches Jasmine's eye. Its pixel waving and giggling, the sound of wind chimes whistled as she waved.

Jasmine looks back at Theo. "Just Believe."