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The Magical Nurse


The idea for ‘The Magical Nurse’ was first created in July 2018 whilst Dan stayed in hospital for four days due to a near liver failure. Planning the story whilst luckily being placed on a bed near the window acted as a good escapism for the distressing fact of hospitalisation that could, if gone wrong, lead to potential major surgery.

Jasmines character came from the reaction to a particular nurse who commented on how, compared to other patients, Dan was much more tolerable and friendly (To put it simply).

The magical nurse, who remains unnamed for this story, was created as a gateway into the magic and mystery involving a place full of wonder. The character and the story protrudes from starting to read fantasy novels once again plus the passion of friends who are into writing the same genre.

Fact 1

Jasmine was naturally born with magical powers, however she never knew because her parents didn’t know either.

Fact 2

Theo wasn’t born with magical powers but is a crucial part in later planned stories as Theo grows older.

Fact 3

The Mystic River near the magical town of Charlingbourne is one of the sources of magical powers. It also has special chemicals within it that gives Gloflowers its magical glow.

The story dives into the themes of children having brighter imaginations and expectations of the world compared to adults, which gives them a huge advantage in life. As well as providing light in darker times.

Fact 4

The entire story is only 5100 words long, being fully written over the course of a month.

Fact 5

The magical nurse isn’t an actual nurse in the real world, but had to be there for Jasmine to show her the world of magic.

Fact 6

Pixel is one of many Pixies that hang around witches, serving as assistants. Pixel is the Magical Nurses Pixie.


Story Authored by Daniel Smith. Illustrations by Snehap licensed for commercial use via DDLSE. Copyright 2018 'DDLSE'. All rights reserved.