Welcome To My World...

Hello there! I'm Dan! Welcome to my world of random oddness and delightful media-like... stuff. I've spent most of my youth learning about media and creating a wide range of media content and building up my skills in everything from writing, to music, to film! Putting none of those to any use in the past year, I thought maybe its time to do so! So instead of with build a career and having a sturdy life - why not just make a website instead... after all, as you'll come to find out, I'm not a normal lemon.

So take a look around, find something you like and hopefully it'll improve you're life a little bit more. P.S: yes, I'm evidently English... with the umbrella and all. It rains too much so I take one into studios too... besides I think the plumbing in the studio is dodgy and I'm not getting soaked again because of a faulty pipe.

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